The Jazzhorse awaketh...

This is the dangerous Yellow Striped Western Jazzhorse.

This is a much safer distance to view this species. Majesty!

No explanation was sent for this sighting.

Here a Jazzhorse was captured enjoying a traditional Japanese meal in Tokyo.


When a Jazzhorse has too much to drink it can get a bit frisky.

On the road to ruin.


Here is the first set of pictures ever to be taken of a true clown band jazzhorse!

Here is an amazing picure of the very rare Wisconsin Brown Jazzhorse. As you can see, this example was caught in mid-jazz by a sneaky photographer whilst performing "Caravan".

This is one of only 2 pictures known to show the jazzhorse breathing fire. Talk about smokin'!

Here is an excellent close-up. Note the northern climate adaptations.

This rare jazz horse was spotted in Boston. He somehow got into the WMBR studios and started playing drums.

Another sighting at WMBR. This one looks ready to pounce!

This strange fellow was sighted in the woods of North Dakota. He frolics with the bison.

This rare photo shows a jazzhorse in its natural state. It was caught on film by an intrepid researcher in Seattle.

The jazzhorse often tries to sneak into pictures without getting caught. This clever male was photographed at an ancient temple in Tokyo.


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